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Plan Your Landscape Design With Pro Landscape Utah

Pro Landscape Utah offers high-quality landscaping services to Davis County residents with exceptional efficiency and professionalism. If you want to transform your property into a stunning landscape that enhances the curb appeal of your property with high standards and low maintenance needs, don’t hesitate to call us.

Xeriscaping and Zeroscaping in Davis County, UT

What Is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping designs focus on creating beautiful gardens that thrive in dry climates. The plants involved in a xeriscape garden are resistant to drought, and require less effort to maintain than a traditional garden. Local plants are often used, as they have a better chance of surviving in the local climate conditions. Local plants are also more likely to attract wildlife to your garden, such as hummingbirds and butterflies.

Many species of lush and beautiful plants that are drought-tolerant can be utilized to enhance the beauty of your xeriscaping backyard. Soil improvements and use of mulches help your landscape thrive and reduce water use, as these techniques allow your landscape to better retain moisture, saving you money on your water bills.

The Benefits of Xeriscaping

Xeriscape landscaping is highly sustainable, and requires little maintenance. Less maintenance means less time using fuel in machines like lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and mulchers. A xeriscape design is ideal if you want to spend more time enjoying a landscaped yard than working to maintain it.

What Is Zeroscaping?

Zeroscaping designs focus on native plants, giving a natural look and requiring less work to allow them to thrive than non-native plants. Rocks and gravel are often used to highlight and accentuate plants. A zeroscape yard is a low-water approach that is encouraged to preserve water. After a zeroscape is set up, maintenance is minimal, consisting mainly of weed control. This saves you all of the effort involved in a traditional lawn.

The Benefits of Zeroscaping

A zeroscape yard may also focus on non-plant life for more of a dry-garden look, which can be an excellent choice for a conservationist or someone under strict water use regulations. With proper planning, placement of gravel and stones can achieve a different kind of natural beauty that requires minimal effort to maintain.

Xeriscape vs. Zeroscape: Which Landscape Should I Use?

Either type of landscaping can meet your needs. Both xeriscaping and zeroscaping reduce water waste, have low maintenance requirements, reduce fertilizer or pesticide use, and improve the look of your home and community. Get in touch with Pro Landscape Utah today, and our expert team will help you select the right design for you and your property. Whichever design you choose, we will work with you to customize the design to fit your unique needs.

Contact Us Today for Landscaping Services

Pro Landscape Utah is happy to design and install the right landscaping for you. With nearly a decade of industry experience, our landscaping experts specialize in transforming your landscaping dreams and making them a reality. We work with you to design and create the perfect landscaping installation for your property.  To learn more about what our team can do for you, contact us today.

We Make Sure the Grass is Greener on Your Side