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Design Around Existing Trees

Landscape Design Ideas Around Trees by Pro Landscape, Utah

Unless you’re building a new home, chances are your property has some existing trees. As long as they’re in good health, these stately beauties can form the focal point of your garden. You might enhance a large tree’s prominence by adding a ring of bricks, stones, or even a low, ornamental fence around the base. Alternatively, incorporating a shaded sitting area beneath the tree’s canopy creates a delightful spot for relaxing during the summer months.

Remove Sick Trees and Stumps

Old, diseased trees are unattractive and may pose a safety risk. It’s best to have these trees removed before a branch falls on your roof or the rotting trunk attracts pests. To prevent leaving behind a stumbling block in your landscape design, be sure to choose a professional landscaping company that removes the stump as well.

Utilize Adaptable Plants

A successful landscape design involves working with nature, not against it. The shady spots created by trees pose challenges for some plants and flowers, so selecting the right vegetation is crucial. Ferns, hostas, and certain wildflower varieties are shade-tolerant, allowing them to thrive under a tree’s canopy. You might also consider low-maintenance perennials like coral bells, astilbes, and lily of the valley. With Northern Utah’s dry climate in mind, it’s also beneficial to choose drought-resistant plants that are well-adapted to the region.

Build Retaining Walls

Retaining walls serve a dual function in your landscape design. Besides adding structure and visual interest, they also protect tree roots from soil erosion. A well-built retaining wall made of stone or brick prevents soil displacement in sloping gardens, avoiding the unsightly scenario of exposed roots and patchy grass at the base of the tree. Consult a professional landscaping service for help designing and installing these walls.

Lay Paths

Paths offer a practical and aesthetically pleasing way to navigate your landscape. Designing curved walkways around trees adds to the visual intrigue, creating a sense of discovery and wonder. Whether made from gravel, stepping stones, or brick pavers, these paths enhance your tree landscape design while protecting your lawn from foot traffic.

Design a Deck or Patio

Adding a deck or patio near your trees creates a shady, relaxing spot. You might strategically build a deck on the north side of a row of trees for afternoon shade, or you can construct a circular patio that uses the tree as a focal point. Such designs add charm and functionality to your landscape. Seek help from a professional landscaping service to ensure safe and proper construction that prioritizes the tree’s health.

Enhance with Lighting

Strategically placed landscape lights create enchanting effects in your garden after dark. Subtle, downward-facing lights illuminate walkways, ensuring safety during night-time strolls. Then, dramatic uplighting accentuates the tree’s canopy and creates dramatic shadows. The right lighting design makes your landscape as enjoyable at night as it is during the day.

Create Animal Habitats

Embracing the local wildlife is a delightful aspect of landscape design. Trees provide natural habitats for many species. By including elements like birdhouses, bird baths, or squirrel feeders, you invite these creatures into your garden, adding enjoyment and promoting local biodiversity.

Add a Bench

Nothing quite matches the simple pleasure of sitting beneath a tree, whether for a quiet read or an intimate conversation. Adding a bench creates a functional space to relax beneath your tree while adding a quaint aesthetic to the landscape design. Choose seating that complements the yard’s overall theme—whether rustic, modern, or traditional—to enhance your outdoor space.

Mulch Around Trees

Mulching is a vital step in maintaining a healthy tree landscape. A few inches of mulch in a wide circle around the trunk retains moisture and regulates soil temperature, which is crucial in Northern Utah’s desert climate. Mulch also curbs weed growth and contributes to the overall aesthetics of your garden, giving each tree a neat and well-manicured appearance. Consider organic mulch like wood chips or compost to enrich the soil with nutrients over time.

Why Choose Pro Landscaping Utah Over Other Landscaping Services?

The value of hiring a professional landscape installer cannot be overstated. Pro Landscaping Utah brings expertise, a deep understanding of the local climate, and a commitment to customer satisfaction to every job we complete. We have the knowledge and experience to seamlessly incorporate trees into your landscape design, enhancing the beauty and value of your property.

If you have a vision for your outdoor space, it’s time to make it a reality with help from Pro Landscaping Utah. For more information about our products and services, please call us at 801-900-4588 or contact us online. We have served Davis and Weber County, UT, since 2011.